Write For Us

We are always accepting submissions from the community provided they meet our standards. Although, please understand that due to the volume of submissions it may take time before we review yours so be patient.

What Can I Write?

We are accepting anything that is interesting, error-free and does not talk about a controversial topic. We try to avoid posts where there can be 2 or more general opinions leading towards arguments and division. We believe in unity and equality and expect that our readers, writers and subscribers honor and respect that. Aside from that, you are free to write whatever you want.

Some technical requirements, however, remain functional:

  1. There is no word limit for prose. For poetry, we are accepting poetry collections.
  2. Your submission must be grammatically correct and formatted properly. We prefer if you submit a PDF or a DOCX.
  3. Submissions without a proper use of puncuation will be rejected immediately.
  4. If your submission contains pictures they must be optimized and compressed properly. Please use this service for compressing your images.
  5. You must include your biography (preferably around 200 words) and your picture in the submission.

How Do I Submit?

Please send your submission as a DOCX or PDF to [email protected]

What Happens If My Submission Gets Accepted?

If after our review process your submission is accepted we will contact you for further information or editting.

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