Sampada Sharma

Sampada Sharma

Sampada Sharma, 22, is a computer engineering student currently in her 3rd year. She is known for her love of books, writing and having a crazy obsession with Vampires. She has written more than 5 short stories and 100 poems, some of which can be found on her Medium page. She currently resides in Kathmandu, Nepal.

a rusty old clock timer

10 Minutes - A Sci Fi Short Story

Memories were supposed to last forever. Even when the moment had long passed and the tears had long dried. Even when the jokes were long said and laughter had long faded. But fate had dealt me with a cruel hand. It had left me with a fragment of my soul.

Equality of All Means Giving Equal Value to Each Individual

The time has come for equality of all humans. We all know it deep down in our hearts and yet we see inequality. People are not given equal value. Equality rings so many bells when we hear it. It is not a new word by any means. We are not strangers to it, but to what it is supposed to represent. We have been hearing this word for a long time; the fight for equality goes as back as the mid-1900s.

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