The Weaver

The Weaver

I am Arkane. I have been writing for 8 years from odes to poems to sonnets to short stories. I have dabbled in all forms. I am an avid reader, a passionate soul and a computer junkie. I am called by many names but the best reference to me is; anonymous. I will be curating, editing and managing this blog. I love to help, to teach and to watch people grow so if you have any questions, just ask. Oh and I love purple.

Let Me Disabuse You of the Notion that Performance Does Not Matter

Performance matters. Speed matters. Do it now! Do you really want to use an app that lags and stutters every time you click a button. EVEN IF it has a thousand features? Remember how you'd get frustrated each time Microsoft Office took 10 seconds to load. What about Adobe Photoshop? Firefox?

the dawn of the living by the weavr - Streetwriters

The Dawn of the Living

What is life but a story, one part badly told and the other justly, one forgotten and the other…lost. Life is a story, and the road is never the same, never straight. With love and hope and happiness, it is lively but with despair and hatred, it is dead. What…

Love Is All and Love Is Nothing

…a voice, a vibration, a lost soul, an unveiled destiny. Seen, unseen, known, unknown, stumbling through hazy visions of its unredeemed past, finding not what was but still is; a picture of Love. A stunning stroke on the black bare wall of its own prison and then void…Echoes making unbearable…

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