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Weekly Winners: If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Note: Every week we hold a weekly prompt contest where all Instagram writers are encouraged to participate and get a chance to be featured on our Instagram page and this blog here. This was our first weekly prompt titled, "If tomorrow starts without me."

If tomorrow starts without me I wonder what will happen? Will anything change? Will the world stop for a moment and sympathize? Probably not. But if tomorrow starts without me, I am sure the night will miss me for it will have one less lover and the moon will weep for me for it will have one less friend. If tomorrow starts without me and I am long gone, perhaps the roses that grow in my backyard will take a sigh and move on.

If Tomorrow Started Without Me by theuntidypoet

If tomorrow started without me,
The sun would still throw its rays like
confetti across the earth,
And every maiden piece of land would
catch it for the gold it is worth.
The clouds would wander, far from lonely
across their blue blanketed bed,
While songbirds and sirens would still chant,
rearing their haughty head.
The lake near my home would still glitter,
wearing the diamonds that she drapes,
Just one less pair of hungry eyes to
swallow her whole landscape.
If tomorrow started without me,
Perhaps the midnight rumblings
would echo a little deeper,
He would be short one faithful
companion amongst every other sleeper.
Perhaps the bees would miss the buzz
from my hysterical screams,
But honey, I would happily appear
in all of your sweet dreams.
Perhaps the roses would start to droop,
just cease to stay alive,
After all, without my tears to water them,
how could they survive?

Just Keep Me In Your Heart by s.sunflowerinks

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If tomorrow starts without me:
Please think about me,
Sit under the stars and talk to me,
Listen to Foy Vance singing,
`"You are my midnight starlet."
Take pictures of sunflowers,
Witness all the sunsets,
While thinking of me,
Visit the cathedral of Milan,
And the duomo of Florence,
Take a tour of the prince's island,
Or drink coffee at a cafe in Paris,
While reading my poetry.
Just keep me in your heart wherever you go,
Or just keep me alive in your memories.


Eternity Is Just a Blink Of an Eye by v.w.o.r.d.s

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

If tomorrow starts without me,
Don't let your ink bleed in grief.
Set your pages free for the winds to carry,
For I'm living forever in these gusts
of ever moving time, in this crazy ocean of fate;
I'm just wishing on a speck of dust.
Walking down the memory lane
is like walking on embers.
Doused in deepest regrets & fears,
I hope you will learn to let go,
So, don't shed any tears.

If your heart ever calls my name
Then the raindrops kissing your face
will be the one to blame.
My absence will find its presence
on your lips & l'll be home.
The gleam in your gaze will be my galaxy
colliding with yours in your darkest days,
And will set your soul free,
As you're destined to traverse ceaselessly,
With a few of my stars in your enormity.

Like a threadbare holding on a sewing machine,
Woven with the thin fabric of moments are your days;
On the threshold of a needle are breathing,
Unpredictable roller coaster ride,
as time weaves a story,
Unforeseen when we might fall into
the topsy turvy world of hell or paradise.
Unfair as it might often sound:
Happiness is everlasting but the
lingering despair has its time too.
Like the passing train, clouds will
come & soon after are the rainbows.

As the saying goes, the harder the rain,
the sweeter the sun, So, If the
tides leave you to out of breath,
then swim back to your good deeds.
You are that fine porcelain,
if the world doesn't appreciate,
Then never let the sadness
condense on your windowpane.

Vivid are these colors of your smile,
Cherish this brittle filament called life,
Because you might think, you've lived eternity,
But, eternity is just a blink of an eye.
Visit my grave with a cheerful face,
Leave me the letters you've weaved with grace;
So when the sun dawns, for nature needs these lyrics;
To sing me a perfect symphony,
For I've embarked on a never-ending journey.


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