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Meaning from Context: The Importance of Meaning

What is the end goal of humans? Pleasure? Is that all we want? No, we want more. We want to conquer ourselves. We want to conquer everything that the eyes see, the ears hear and the mind thinks. Every idea, every imagination possible. We want to conquer the world. We want to conquer infinity. We want to become eternal. 

Of course, we don't say it like that. We are too weak to express what we truly want. Why do you think we get so bored? We want the new. Always the new. Even in old things and familiarity we always look for new nuances, new experiences, new ways to see the old, new perspectives to experience the familiar.

Material World

The things in this material world, get old too quickly. You see a stone, a tree, a house, a road, or a mountain. You see it again but it always stays the same. It never changes. It becomes common, mundane, boring. The physical world is too small for our taste. We want to go to the stars. Sure we all want to go to the stars if it would take the same time that it takes to switch on the light. (unfortunately, it doesn't) But what do you think we are going to find on those stars and different planets? Different life? Aliens? More habitats to live in? Different colors, different tastes, different feels? And then what? More traveling? More conquering? More looking at the new? We will get bored. Most of us will. 

The desire for New
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We want the new. But the new is not in the physical. It is somewhere else. It is in the mind. That is why we have this thing called metaphysics, i.e beyond physics. Because of course reality is beyond what we see. In other words, what we find beautiful i.e ever new in this world is beyond physical. It is in the mind. That is why beauty is subjective. Each one of us is unique in his perception of beauty. Sure our perception of beauty overlaps. We often find the same thing beautiful but that itself indicates the power of the mind. We find the same thing beautiful because our minds are programmed to find it beautiful; by our environment, culture, society, or civilization. In other words, we have the same context. This same context makes a thing beautiful for all of us. But a person from different culture or civilization does not find the same things beautiful as us. For example, the standard of feminine beauty. It is very different in all cultures. 

Meaning of context
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What is this context then? Each one of us is unique. Different families, different siblings, different environments, different cultures, different upbringings, and then we all have unique qualities of our own. Our fingerprints, our feelings, our emotions. We see the reality differently. We experience life differently. We see the things around us differently. In other words, each of us has a different meaning. Life means a different thing for each of us and that is our context.


It is this meaning, this context that gives us the new. Can we expand our experience of newness? Or in other words, can we see more beauty? Is it possible for us to never get bored? Yes, it is possible. By expanding our context and meaning we can expand our minds. We can have more from reality. We can even experience the infinite in everything if we have the meaning and context.  

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