Seasons change.
Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Seasons Change: A Poem of Change

A collaboration poem by Lexxey, Jkun337, Sahil & Wordswrth originated in our Discord community.

“I send butterflies across the blooming fields,
Dancing til it rains making the sun fade.” 
“Beautiful muse of the rain shows the love I feel, 
For my heart forsook the thundering waves.”

“Warm, flank a ferocious symphony to this World,
Radiance, strike flattering hearts all around.”
“Live all of your lives yearning like an absolute absurd,
Beach, mark my shore and wash the sands abound.”

“Dare shake, you trees and tremble your leaves,
For all grass’ll be covered in red, orange and yellow.”
“Children shall go haunt on All Hallow’s Eve,
For this season of change shall not be mellow.”

“Freeze! I turn your luscious green to decay, 
I hope to catch you slipping on my icy path.”
“Sneeze! I bring colds and keep warmth at bay,
I’ll bring the darkest days till the sun’s fiery wrath.”

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