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An Bewildering Take on What Is the Meaning Of Life: My Life Search For Meaning 

In search of meaning, I go through this desert of meaninglessness. In search of meaning, I leave the pleasures of this hedonistic palm grove. I go far and wide in this search. I pass through cities; inhabited and abandoned. I pass through ruins, forests, and jungles. I cross mighty rivers of great thoughts with their beautiful greenery to search for my meaning. I climb high mountains of ever snow where no human thought can live and which are crossed by wanderers only with coats and sealskins of humility and awe. I cross all these paths in search of my meaning but where is it that I seek? 

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Perhaps it is the sun rising and setting on me every day. Yet in the snow of these high mountains, the heat of the sun is very weak. In the forests and jungles, the sun barely shows its face in the day. In the rivers, I am too busy swimming. In the desert, its scorching heat is too intense for me to seek it. I need a moderate thought climate but it is nowhere to be found. What should I do?

I seek the sun! Oh, I seek the sun! but woe on me that I can't seek it. My eyes are too weak to really see its bright face. My legs are too weak to travel with it on its journey. I am powerless in front of it. I am humbled by its greatness and yet I can't seek it. What should I do? What should I do?

What do I do at night?
Nothing. I sleep.
Why not do something different?
Okay. I will seek the sun in the night.
Are you going mad? Who seeks the sun in the night?
I will be the first one to do it. 
Okay. You are free to do it. You have a choice.

I seek the sun in the night. I seek it with all the force of my being. I seek it with passion. I seek it with reason tinged with madness. I look at the stars and their cool light. I see the beauty in them. I see a light touch of some meaning. I am excited. Then the moon comes and Lo! the moon! the moon!. It is as if I am seeing the sun yet white sun with a cool light. And I can actually see it. I have found my meaning. I have found it at last.  

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