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69 Orignal Writing Prompt Examples

Sometimes we get into a strange conundrum. We have all the energy in the world to write but no idea what to write about. No matter how hard we try we can't get our minds to come up with something. If you are in such a situation a unique and original writing prompt can be of great help. 

What is a writing prompt?

A writing prompt is a line or two of text describing the beginning of a story or its basic plot. It may seem like nothing, but when you are all fired up to write something, this can act as fuel for your fire.  

Here are some original writing prompt examples that can help you get going. 

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Fiction writing prompts

  1. A war veteran wakes up, looks at his scars in the mirror, and reminisces about the battles he has been in. 
  2. A cop finds his long-lost father who is secretly a drug trafficker.
  3. Two first-class secret agents are fired from the Agency and open a barbershop. 
  4. A group of coal miners returns to the surface after their shift. They find the world destroyed in an all-out nuclear war. 
  5. Two friends are out on a hiking trip. They find a pouch of diamonds lying on the hiking track. The pouch belongs to the Mafia and they are looking for it.
  6. A scientist steals a chemical from a secret government lab that can heal any wound. 
  7. A character finds out one day that their greatest desire is fulfilled but He has lost the most important person in his life. 
  8. Write about a cop who helps a criminal escape for a good reason. 
  9. A man finds a note on his desk saying, "This will last for hundred days.". The next day he falls in love and starts a relationship with a woman of his dreams. 
  10. You are busy texting your friend in a busy subway station when suddenly your mobile turns off. You look up and see many people looking up from their phones. In the following days, you find that digital appliances have stopped working for good around the globe. No one knows why.  
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Fantasy writing prompts

  1. Write about a world where tiny people live alongside us. Suppose that in that world you had the power to turn big and small. How will you live in the two worlds?
  2. Imagine a mysterious island where you find people who can fly. You are their introduction to the modern world. How will everything happen?
  3. Write about a world where a giant metropolis floats in the air around the globe. You are one of its residents or better you are one below who wants to go into the mysterious flying city.
  4. You are a magician who has recently completed his apprenticeship in the guild. As your first task, you are on a dark and dangerous journey with a vagabond prince who you don't exactly like. 
  5. You wake up to find yourself in a strange house. You look into the mirror and you find a stranger looking back at you. 
  6. You are an angel in the form of a human who is tasked with helping a hero on a perilous journey. On your way, you find various creatures who aid you and hinder you in your goal.
  7. Write about a kingdom that is fighting an endless thousand years-long war with the armies of the dark. You arrive in chains as the long-prophesized hero who is destined to end the war once and for all.
  8. Write about a knight who is on an adventure to rescue his beloved mistress who is kidnapped by a fairy. The fairy falls in love with the knight. 
  9. A world ruled by god-like creatures who are worshipped by the rest as Gods. These Gods have guardians who know their secrets. One of the guardians turns against his god. 
  10. A world of Kings, knights, princesses, and fairies. A few lone magicians live in remote islands, deserts, and forests. The magicians can turn into dragons but they hide their powers for unknown reasons. A prince finds out their secret and all hell breaks loose.  
  11. A man finds an old lamp in some forgotten ruins. He lights the lamp only to find himself transported inside it. He finds it occupied with a strange group of creatures. A genie, a king, a troubadour, and a magician.  
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Dark fantasy writing prompts

  1. You find a strange pendant in an abandoned house that gives you the power to read people's minds. But at midnight on a full moon, you wake up from a horrible nightmare involving some medieval people. You hear horrible laughter and voices all night. You try to take off your pendant but you can't.
  2. A prince successfully rescues his betrothed from some monsters. They get married. On the wedding night, the prince finds to his horror that his wife has turned into a creature of the dark. She jinxes him into submission and then starts a cunning plan against the whole castle.  
  3. A man accidentally turns into a werewolf and kills his own child.
  4. A world ruled by vile-looking vampires where humanity is fighting a losing battle to survive. 
  5. Two orcs argue over the booty they found on the dead body of a soldier. 
  6. A group of mermaids takes away all the men of a fishing village. It is now up to their wives and daughters to rescue them. 
  7. A village situated at the edge of the forest is attacked by tree-like creatures. 

Epic fantasy writing prompts

  1. Two Kingdoms fight for a red diamond that opens a portal to an empty world of abundance and vast resources. 
  2. A man finds a strange black stone in some ruins while looking for raw material. He uses the stone in building his house. The next day his house becomes a portal for a daemon world.
  3. A world finds out one day that half of its population has become intangible. A party from all the kingdoms is sent to find the cause. 
  4. A legendary sword of great power is found in the ruins of an old civilization. Everyone is helpless against its power. Chaos ensues. 
  5. The king dies without an heir at the eve of battle between the forces of darkness and humanity. A fairy knight prophesizes that a boy of great promise will find a ring of power in the Old Forest. He will be the new leader. A party is sent to find him. 
  6. The last of the dragons wake up from a thousand years-long sleep. A knight is given a death sentence in a minor squabble when he is ordered to kill the dragon. Alone.     
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Creative writing prompts /creative writing topics (use inside)

  1. What is your favorite weather? If you have no idea just look outside and observe. What do you find interesting? Think about your favorite place. What kind of weather it has in your imagination?
  2. Write about a ship that you are taking to some unknown shores. What are your expectations? What are your fears? What excites you about the journey?
  3. Write about a dream that you remember. What was so interesting about it? Why do you remember that dream? What was so mysterious about your dream?
  4. Write about some old ruins of ancient buildings that you visited. Why do you think it was abandoned? How did people live there long ago?
  5. Have you ever observed a clear night sky full of stars? How was your experience? What kind of thoughts comes to your mind when you observe the distant galaxies and stars?
  6. Write about some famous painting that you find mysterious or beautiful?
  7. Write about something that has inspired you in your life? Write about something that has kept you thinking for a while.
  8. Write about some object or animal that has a deep meaning for you. What do you symbolize that object for? What do you find that thing meaningful? How has it impacted your life?
  9. Write about the darkest time in your life. How did you cope with it? What gave you hope? What are the lessons that you learned?
  10. Write about a train journey and all the things that you saw on the way. 
  11. Imagine that you are cast away on an island, a jungle, or an ice-covered mountain. Luckily you found a cave to live in which had water and other necessities. How will you pass your life there? How will you rescue yourself?
  12. Write about a stranger that has left a deep impression on you. What makes him/her so interesting? What do you find so mysterious?
  13. Write about something that you enjoy doing very much? What makes it so fun?
  14. Write about something exciting that you started but never completed. 
  15. Write about forgiveness. Why is it so hard? Why is it better to forgive than to hold a grudge?
  16. Write about an event in your life that changed you forever.
  17. How was your last year? Was it exciting and memorable? What do you regret about last year?
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Some fun writing prompts

  1. Turn on your favorite music and write down what comes into your mind. 
  2. Open a dictionary and look at a random word. Take a walk and think about it for a few minutes. Then start writing. 
  3. Take a long refreshing bath and think about the most fantastic and fun ideas to write about. Transform one of those ideas into a story. 
  4. Watch a long-anticipated movie and make a story out of some character that you think was not explored enough.
  5. Take twenty or thirty random ideas from here or somewhere else. Write them on pieces of paper. Fold them and put them into a box. Now just pick one and start writing. 
  6. Think about a story or a movie that left you frustrated and angry with its characters. Change some details and write that story again to your heart's satisfaction.  
  7. Go outside and note the first interesting thing that you see. Start writing a story out of it. 

Deep topics to write about

  1. Write about a place you visited that had a deep effect on you
  2. Write about a book that has changed your life
  3. What do you think about the possibility of life on other stars and planets? What kind of life do you imagine is possible? What do you think about some of the ideas presented in science fiction/
  4. Eternal life. What do you think about the possibility of living forever? Suppose that you became immortal. How will your life change? What will you do with such a life? Will you be happy or sad?
  5. Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca said, “A great fortune is a great slavery.” How do you think precious things in this life can make us their slaves. Do you agree with Seneca or do you think otherwise?
  6. Fame and fortune. How do you think they affect a person's life? Can they be harmful? How? Why?  

Some random writing prompt ideas

  1. An old man telling the story of his war days in a pub. 
  2. A broken sad hero on one last mission to finally free himself from all burdens. 
  3. In a bloody war between two kingdoms, a village is destroyed. One man escapes with his life. His family was dead and his home was gone. He builds a war band that changes the history of both kingdoms. 
  4. Write about a character who can see the future outcomes of his deeds in dreams. 
  5. Two lonely people who can meet each other in a dream. A strange romance develops.  

Writing prompts on Reddit

Here are some communities on Reddit with amazing writing prompts:


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