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A Disgusting Truth About the Rule of Majority: An Argument Against Democracy

Democracy is the rule of the mob, from top to bottom. No doubt that it is not depicted as such but when you go into its subtilities it is nonetheless nothing but mob rule.
It is said that democracy is run by the opinion of the people, by their freedom, by their power. That is its strength. The contents that make the whole decide their own fate.
This argument seems very convincing and attractive, but are human beings really the contents of a whole? Are they parts of a machine? Is that all there is to be human? No, absolutely not. There is more to being human than being part of a machine. 
For most of humanity, it is the ideas, the ideology, the religion that defines them. They have ideals. They have goals. Their goals and ideals define them and make them different or similar, high and low, good or bad.  They have somewhere to go. Something to do and achieve. They look up to some people. This is what makes life meaningful. That is why no one wants to live a purposeless life. We all want a purpose. Democracy kills this purpose. Democracy kills ideologies and ideals.
How? In a democracy, power is gained through pleasing people. By doing what they want. And what do most people want? Money, power, beauty, fame, and other materialistic things. So in a democracy power, money and fame become the greatest good; The highest moral standard; The thing towards which most people aspire to. Even the higher human ideals are degraded and forced to compete for power, money, and fame. This degrades the whole society and brings it down to its lowest instincts.
Of course, this is not an issue for a materialist but for someone who truly believes in any religion or ideology this is despicable. Religions and ideologies always have leaders. They have ideals and values that they aspire to and they have people who express those ideals. Such people are revered. They are the heroes of religion; the living models of an idealogy. Every religion has such dead and living models. Religious people aspire and copy these models. And most importantly they are led and guided by these individuals.
A democracy degrades and destroys these ideals and ideal leaders. It slowly degrades religious values until they are nothing but tools to control and subjugate people. What the religion wants is replaced by what the majority of the religious people want until slowly a religion degrades and disappears. 
Someone may say that we can counter the problem of degrading values by educating the public. But seriously how is that viable when the institution of education is itself based on the whims of the majority. And even if it is possible, isn't it easier to just stick to a moral standard and implement it? 

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