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Art and Society :Role of Artist in Society

Introduction Art and work are on the opposite spectrum of life. Art is moody, vague, unreal, and mysterious like a woman. Work is clear cut, hard and fact based like a man. Can these opposites work together? Can they live in one heart? That is a difficult question. When opposites…

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How to Improve on Writing Skills: Building a Writing Habit

Writing is a wonderful form of self-expression. It has almost infinite flexibility. You have time to think and rethink, write and rewrite what you want to say. However, a conversation is never like that. It is direct and spontaneous and what you say is unchangeable. Words from a tongue are…

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Deep Questions About Life: Questions To Make You Think

Am I this dust? This humus? These bones without skin? Am I this beating heart? These veins? This blood in a shapely form? Am I these hands and feet? This head and shoulders? This stature? This color? This all belongs to me but I ? What am I? What is…

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How I Started Blogging: My Creative Writing Journey

I have been reading books for the past 10 years. Three months ago, I started writing. I thought it will be a piece of cake. I googled some articles, opened my notepad, and typed a title. For a very long time, I kept staring at my screen. Then I started…

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An Essential Guide to Fullfilment and Success: How to Live a Life of Happiness

The laughter, tears, and sighs. The earth beneath our feet and the star-speckled skies. How beautiful, how precious, is the feeling of being alive. The boundless possibilities that life contains. The freshness and wonder that it always retains. How much can we do with it but how few of us…

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10 Proven Ways to Develop a Unique Writer's Style

A writer's style is his identity. It is your signature. It distinguishes your writing from others. It defines you in the eyes of your readers. Without it, your writing is a lifeless husk, disjointed and passionless. Style makes your writing memorable. But how to develop a writing style? Here are…

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4 Authentic Ways to Find the Meaning of Gratefulness

Gratitude amplifies our enjoyment and dampens out pains and miseries we experience. Here is a short guide to help you find the meaning of gratefulness.

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100+ Inspirational 3 Word Quotes

We don't need always need long articles or books. Sometimes even a few words can inspire us. Here are more than a hundred inspirational 3 word quotes to inspire

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Living My Dream: What Should I Be Doing with My Life

Are you stuck in a situation where nothing special is going on and you ask yourself everyday what should I be doing with my life to live my dreams? 

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How To Inspire Yourself to Work Hard: 5 Ways to Find Inspiration

No one knows you better than yourself. Only you know your own true potential and how much you can achieve. You know what makes you tick.

The question is how to find inspiration inside of you?

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