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Living My Dream: What Should I Be Doing with My Life

Are you stuck in a situation where nothing special is going on and you ask yourself everyday what should I be doing with my life to live my dreams? Living the life of your dreams is not possible without having a dream. We all want to be happy. We want to enjoy life to the fullest. We want to have satisfaction but all this is not possible while doing nothing. Even if you have all the things in this world and every desire is at the tip of your fingers you will not get happiness and satisfaction unless you do what you really love to do. 

To act, to do what you really want, to go in some direction and achieve something. This is what humans live for and this is what gives them supreme satisfaction. To live this kind of life is to have a dream. To live this life is to have goals and to achieve those goals in order to get near to your dream. Pursuing a dream is a life passion. There are many ways to discover your dream. Here are a few ways that can help you find out about your dream:  

Find out more about yourself

You may think you know who you are but in reality, most of us have a very vague idea of ourselves in our minds. We act, we do things, we follow our visible desires but we rarely ever evaluate ourselves. Why do we do what we do? Why do we want what we want? Why do some things keep us thinking long hours into the night? What are we attracted to and what repulses us and why? We almost never ask such questions from ourselves. 

This all might seem useless to us but answering such questions can open a door of discovery to who we really are. It can lead us to our true passions and aspirations. It can lead us to things we are always fond of no matter what. So in short it can lead us to our dream.

But how to open this door of discovery? The short answer is to ask yourself these questions. But how? There are many ways to do this but the simplest way can be to open a notebook or a diary and start writing.

Write down some questions like what do you do in your free time? What are you good at? What kind of environment do you enjoy? What makes you happy? Try to answer truthfully and write as much as you can. Don't worry about discontinued thoughts and sentences. Just write what comes to your mind. You will slowly start to get a clear idea of every question and your answer.

If this doesn't work close the notebook and come at these questions again the next day. They may seem futile but questions have a strange way of clinging themselves to our minds. We forget what we asked but in the background in our unconsciousness, the answers to these questions keep processing themselves. So when we come again at these questions the next time, we discover that we have ready-made answers. So keep asking yourself these questions every day and write down whatever comes to your mind. In a few days, you will start to get a clearer picture of what your answers are ( and hopefully your dreams.)

Talk to others about what you like

Another way to get a better idea about your dream is to talk to other people around you. Talk to friends and family about your passions. Have long discussions with them about what you should do. Find out what their passions are and discuss why they like to do something. If for some reason you can't find people around you that are interesting you can try to find someone online. It is a difficult and time-consuming process but it can be done. You can try groups on social media such as Facebook or Discord. Try to chat in some group that you find interesting. In a few days (or months) you will find some like-minded people. 

Talking to like-minded people is a great experience but you must avoid people with pessimistic views and negativity. People who always criticize you and talk you down are not helpful in finding life goals. Avoid these people if you want to find your life aspirations.

Make a goal and focus yourself on it 

If you have tried the above two steps you will have at least a vague idea about what you want to do with your life. So have a broad overview of your aspirations and set some goals that can help you achieve those aspirations. It is important to set yourself a single goal because having multiple goals will distract you. You might still have some uncertainty about the few directions that you want your life to take but you have to make a choice here. Try the two steps above again. Write down your choices and think more about them. Talk about them with other people. You will eventually find yourself comfortable with one aspiration and goal. 

When you reach this point throw all the distractions away and start thinking about your life in terms of your goal. Try your very best to achieve your goal. 

After this experience, you will start to get a better idea about your life dream. You may fail to achieve your goal, you may not. It does not matter. If you have tried your very best you will start to get better clarity about your life and who you really are. 

Success or failure is part of the journey, not the end 

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Humans are emotional beings. When we succeed or fail we become emotionally attached to our success or failure. Failure makes most of us turn around and never look that way ever again. Success makes us go blindly in that direction. 

Success and failure should not be our way of deciding which direction to go. If we don't want to lose our dream we must put ourselves away from our emotional turmoil and choose wisely. There are many factors that can help you in making a wise decision but one of the main things is to consider your whole experience. What was your experience in your journey to achieve your goal? Was it excitement, joy, exhilaration, and curiosity or was it detachment, lethargicness, procrastination, and tiredness? Success or failure is just a milestone, a single moment in your life but a life decision and choice is something that can go on for months or even years. Always choose something that you enjoyed even if you failed in it. Success, in something that does not pique your interest, does not help you anyway in achieving your life dream. 

What do you think are the necessary steps in order to achieve a life dream? Let us know the comments.

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