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100+ Inspirational 3 Word Quotes

Words are magic. They can inspire and motivate us. They can bring our whole being to attention. They can make us sad and happy. In moments that can change our mood completely. 

But sometimes reading a lot of words is difficult. We are not being impatient, we are busy, we are angry, etc. There can be many reasons. 

But we don't always need long articles or books. Sometimes even a few words can inspire us. 

Here are more than a hundred inspirational 3 word quotes that can bring inspiration into your life.   

  1. Act without expectation 

    Because expectations hinder our progress when we don't get the expected. This slows us down and we waste our time getting angry and hating ourselves and others. Expectations breed negativity.
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  2. All is well 

    Even if it isn't worrying about it will get you nowhere. It is better to be cool and calm, forget the worry, think everything is okay and focus on the task.
  3. Always be honest 

    Lies create problems that need more lies to solve. Before you know it you find yourself in a perpetual cycle of lies where everything becomes more and more complex. Your energy, your effort, and your time are wasted perfecting your web of lies instead of working on your goals.  
  4. Always add value 

    Why are your doing what you are doing? Think about the good that it can do. If it adds some good it adds value. if it isn't you are wasting your time.
  5. Appreciate every moment 

    We often don't appreciate small things. But small things can add a lot of value when they add up. Even small moments of time can add a lot of value to your life if you appreciate them.  
  6. Ask powerful questions 

    Ask yourself and others questions that always bug you. Don't be afraid of getting embarrassed. If you know something, you can grow something. 
  7. Audit your mistakes 

    Why? Because you don't want to make the same mistake over and over again. Do you?
  8. Against all odds 

    It is very hard to move forward when things are all out against you but the thrill, the inspiration, and belief in yourself that you get when you do it is beyond value. 
  9. Be constantly curious 

    You want new ideas? Do you want to find out something interesting and new? Curiosity is the answer.
  10. Be here now 

    Don't dwell in the mistakes or glories of the past and dreams of the future. Dwell in the now. You have power over the now. And now can become anything. It's all up to you.
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  11. Be the charge 

    Energy is hard to come by. Become that charge of energy even if you have to fake it. You will soon be a motivational powerhouse for everyone.
  12. Be a giver  

    Giving increases your fortunes. Really. Try it out.
  13. Believe in yourself 

    The outside world can do you nothing if you don't give it a chance. Don't believe in the negative the outside says. Believe in your goals and what you can do. 
  14. Believe in God 

    God is the ultimate anchor. When you hold fast to Him you never lose yourself 
  15. Brainstorm alternative ideas 

    Think in the opposite direction. It might be crazy but great ideas emergy from crazy imaginations. You just have to watch and wait.
  16. Build quality relationships 

    Quality over quantity. Spend less time with family or friends but when you do, pay whole attention to them. Don't get distracted by something else. 
  17. Be obsessively grateful 

    Gratitude breeds positivity and appreciation for what you have. This makes you happier and you enjoy immensely even the small things in life. 
  18. Because I can  

    Yes it is possible whatever you believe is possible.
  19. Block out haters 

    Haters only give you anger and negativity.
  20. Celebrate all success 

    If you don't enjoy your success you lose it.
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  21. Celebrate your victories 

    Appreciate what you have and what you conquer.
  22. Change is good 

    Don't be afraid of change. Look at the positive side and harness it for your own good.
  23. Change your thinking 

    If you think you can you can. 
  24. Count your blessings 

    Gratitude increases ingratitude decreases. Gratefulness can make a small thing big. Thanklessness can make a huge thing small. 
  25. Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger) 

  26. Commit or quit 

    It's no good to be in the middle of the way. You remain confused and you suffer. Better make a choice and stick to it. 
  27. Communicate with clarity 

    99 percent of the problems we have in our relationships are due to confusion in our communication.
  28. Compare creates despair 

    Competition can lead to negativity. 
  29. Competition fuels growth 

    Competition can bring you out of stasis and stagnation.
  30. Connection builds trust 

    Get connected to people. They will trust you more.
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  31. Contrast creates captivation 

    The opposites have a strange way of capturing our attention and inspiring awe.
  32. Conquer from within 

    When you conquer someone's heart, they are always yours.
  33. Creativity takes courage 

    Creativity requires going out of your comfort zone. it requires exploring the known and that is hard and dangerous work.
  34. Do it now 

    Don't procrastinate, it will only increase your burden and anxiety.
  35. Do your best 

    and Don't worry about the rest.
  36. Dreams come true 

    You just have to wait a little longer and do some work.
  37. Drill your skills 

    You know something? Good. How about if you are a master at it? mastery is rare. Mastery is in demand. mastery requires drilling your skills. 
  38. Embrace constant change 

     Change is bad, change is good. It is all up to you.
  39. Emotions create relatability 

    Don't be a robot. Cry when people cry and laugh when people laugh. You will share the moment and they will share more of themselves with you.
  40. Energy draws attention 

    People who are energetic are rare. Become that rare and everybody will be drawn to you.
  41. Enjoy Little Moments 

    It is not the Big accomplishments that give us the greatest happiness.No. It is the small moments. but you need to appreciate them and enjoy, in order to get the benefit.
  42. Enforce consequences rigorously 

    When there are no consequences, you make the mistakes again.
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  43. Exceptional makes memorable 

  44. Exclusivity adds value

  45. Focus and win

  46. Feed your soul

  47. Friends are treasures

  48. Get over it

  49. Go for it

  50. Grace under pressure

  51. Good vibes only

  52. Give your best

  53. Handle breakdowns immediately

  54. Happiness is Choice

  55. Happiness is homemade

  56. Health is wealth

  57. Hope trumps all

  58. I’m determined

  59. Identify key milestones

  60. It is possible

  61. I’m Possible

  62. Judgement free zone

  63. Just be awesome

  64. Keep it cool

  65. Keep information flowing

  66. Keep it simple

  67. Keep morale high

  68. Knowledge is power

  69. Laughter is best

  70. Leaders are early

  71. Learn from yesterday

  72. Learn from it

  73. Let it go

  74. Laughter is medicine

  75. Life is awesome

  76. Life is beautiful

  77. Life won’t wait

  78. Live life daily

  79. Live, love, laugh

  80. Live your potential

  81. Live for others

  82. Love endures delay

  83. Love is everything

  84. Manage your reputation

  85. Make your life

  86. Make yourself proud

  87. Model the masters

  88. Never give up

  89. Never stop dreaming

  90. Never look back

  91. Nothing is Impossible

  92. Nurture your best

  93. Now or never

  94. Nobody is perfect

  95. Perfectionism stalls progress

  96. Practice makes permanent

  97. Polish your weaknesses

  98. Pursue your passion

  99. Remember to Live

  100. Set clear targets

  101. Share the wealth

  102. Speak the truth

  103. See the good

  104. Smile. Sparkle. Shine 

  105. Stop underestimating yourself

  106. Teamwork dream work

  107. This will pass

  108. Time heals everything

  109. Try something new

  110. Use your wings 

  111. Value your time

  112. Wake your dreams

  113. Winners never quit

  114. Yes you can

  115. Yes it’s possible

  116. You are enough


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