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A Lesson in Literature: How to Write Good Metaphors?

Metaphors are everywhere; in literature, visual arts, poetry, and films. Language, in a way, itself is a metaphor. But try to make one on the fly, and you will find out it is not easy. Creating a metaphor requires ingenuity and care. A small mistake can make a metaphor clumsy. So how…

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Art & Metaphors: Day & Night

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes during different hours of the day? The change is subtle. You may say that this change is because of the job I do, or it is due to the daily chores, etc. But observe yourself one day when you are at home, idle and unoccupied. You will notice that the changes in the mood still occur.

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Darth Vader & Joker: What Makes a Great Villain?

What makes a fascinating and intriguing villain? Great characters grow and evolve with the story adding a refreshing touch to our tales. Each chapter adds more depth to their personality and background. From Darth Vader's mysterious character to Joker's cunning, we see writers using the magic of mystery and a…

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Crumpled piece of paper with writing on it.

14 Common Writing Mistakes You Are Making

We all make mistakes; no one is perfect. What will set you apart is your ability to identify and fix those mistakes. As writers, we make the most mistakes; our pieces are filled with grammatical errors, plot holes, contradictions, and wrong words. The essence is in not giving up.

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50 Inspiring Writing Quotes to Boost Your Creativity

Writing has never been easier than it is today but in a way, it has also become harder. The humdrum of life sometimes real, sometimes imaginary, has leaves you with very little time for writing. Distractions suck out our inspiration and energy leaving you barren. In such a time, reading…

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Divine Grace and Human Work by Ludovico (Ludwig) Seitz

Barks & Rumi: Are Art & Religion Related?

The separation of Art and Religion in our minds is like the separation of the church and the State. Politics, however, is very different. Where art is an organic living thing, politics is a mechanistic process. Art finds worth in emotions, beliefs, ideas, and cultures - it feels, laughs, cries, and believes; whereas politics looks after power, benefit, and in rare cases, the commonwealth.

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Collage of classical poets like William Shakespeare, Percy Bysshe Shelly etc.

Blank Verse to Free Verse: 7 Styles of Poetry

Poetry turns a cup of water into a chalice, a wooden stick into Moses' staff, a mere fountain into the Fountain of Youth. Poetry carries emotions hidden by metaphors, allusions, and references. It strikes our hearts in the form of Cupid's arrow, scorches our mind in a fiery splendor, and…

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writer's block typewriter

Overcoming Writer's Block

For various reasons, the writer's block has been the most hated enemy among writers. You sit down to write but nothing comes out. You sit there staring at the blank page for hours, days, or even months. The right words, the right idea, the right passion always evades you. Welcome to writer's block.

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vintage story notebook with pen and glasses and a retro camera

Top 25 Short Story Writing Ideas

Sometimes you want to write a story. You have energy, motivation, the right frame of mind, but the right story idea or the right topic remains out of your reach. You get stuck in a state where you are throwing the net in your sub-consciousness and trying to catch the…

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lord of the rings, through the looking glass and some other fantasy books stacked in a pile

7 Best Fantasy Books of All Time

If you are a man of literature, you must have heard of the Song of Fire & Ice, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings series. Thanks to these prolific books, the fantasy genre has exploded in the past few years. Everywhere you go, you will find people talking about…

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