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How Can I Change My Life And Be Happy

A small change seems like nothing but a few small changes can together become big. We often concentrate on big things in life. More money, a better job, a big house, fewer expenses. These are often daunting tasks that require a lot of effort. They overwhelm us and guess what? We give up. 

 We get frustrated and ask ourselves:

Why is it so hard to change my life for good? How can I change my life and be happy? Is it really so hard or is it just my luck? 

Bringing a positive change in life is not so hard if we make small steps. There are small things in life that can bring an equally positive change. They are often very easy to do and do not require much effort but together they can bring happiness that is felt in every aspect of our life. 

Here are just a few things that you can change your life and make you more happy:

Eat a Good Breakfast

Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is very good for your health. Most people often feel lethargic and sleepy in the morning. The reason is that they don't eat a good breakfast. A good breakfast gives you the energy that you need to get things done in the morning hours. 

Read something funny every day

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Life becomes an unending monotonic chore if there is no fun. So find time for yourself and to read something comedic or funny. It can be a funny lighthearted article or antics of someone crazy on social media. It all depends on you. Or you can read some funny novel or a book, a few pages every day. 

This will improve your mood and you will have more positivity in your life. 

Have a Fixed time to Wake up and Sleep

You can never overemphasize the importance of a fixed sleep and wake-up schedule. People who don't have a fixed time for sleeping feel disoriented all day. They lose almost half of their energy in bringing themselves to the present moment. It isn't a strange thing then that they feel less happy with their life. They want to feel more, enjoy more and do a more interesting thing with their life but they don't have the energy. 

Play some music  

You feel drowsy when you wake up. You go to the washroom and when you come out, half an hour has gone. How many times has this happened to all of us?

Music is one of the easiest cures to sleepiness in the morning. Next time when you wake up turn on some fast music. It will improve your morning speed by leaps and bounds. 

Unfollow people on social media

How many times have you opened social media and found your feed full of things that you don't like! 

Next time this happens, remember to do one small thing.

Unfollow those people or pages that are infuriating you and making you angry. People with opinions you don't agree with, people who always share something that makes you angry, and people who you want to punch in the face (I am joking but seriously!). Unfollow these kinds of people.

Some people might say that this is not good. You should always have the opposite perspective so that you have a handle on reality but having the opposite perspective all the time in your social media feed is not good for your mental health. You should have that opposite perspective in your own time and place where you can handle it comfortably.

Have an argument with your Negative Self 

Next time when you have negative thoughts talk back to them. Argue that things are not that dark. That little spot of darkness that has filled the whole picture is not that big actually. Look for the bright spots and find the light in the darkness. This may be difficult at the beginning but once you start doing this, it becomes easier and easier. 

Do something that you have yearned for a long time but couldn't 

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There is always this aspiration inside your heart but you couldn't find time for it or maybe you weren't confident. You think about it every day but when it comes to action, something comes up and you lose your chance. 

Set a time for it or better note it down in your things to do. Next time when you are free, do it. Maybe you want to go mountaineering or you haven't had that long drive in the wild for a while, whatever it is, the time for it is now. 

Think of life in a positive way

Next time when you are free and relaxed think of four good things that you did this week. It will surely bring a smile to your face and will make your heart happy. 

Write in a journal

Have a notebook with you all the time or better, have a note-taking app on your phone. Note down the thing that brings a positive feeling to you. Find out what makes your life interesting. What do you aspire to in life? What are the most important things in life for you? You may think that you know all that. What's the point but try it. You will soon find out that your life is deeper and more complex than you thought. You will find many things that are important to you but you didn't know them. 


Living a happy life is all about choice. You choose to be happy or you don't. No doubt that this choice is very hard sometimes but no matter what you try or think at the end of the day it is your own choice and your life. These are just a few tips that I hope will make a positive change in your life. What makes your life meaningful and happy? Let us know in the comments.  

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