Christina Halliday

Christina Halliday

I’m a 28-year-old Elementary School librarian residing in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have always had a passion for reading, but only recently, I decided to share my book reviews on Instagram. I love traveling, reading books, volunteering within my community, and connecting with other people.

Book Review: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Richard and Vanessa were a perfect couple, or so it seemed. The fact that both of them had horrendous childhoods brought them together on a different level. They understood each other more than anyone else ever could. Richard was smart, successful, and very handsome.

Book Review: A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

One choice can change everything. In the blink of an eye, your world shifts, and you never see your life in the same way again. One decision can change not only your life but also the lives of those around you. When hostage negotiator Hugh McElroy gets the 911 call about a shooter holding up a women's reproductive clinic, he is first on the scene.

Christina Halliday laying on a hammock reading the Au Pair by Emma Rous

Book Review: The Au Pair by Emma Rous

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 starsSynopsisAfter learning of their father's sudden death, the Mayes siblings rush back to their childhood home to pay their respects. Seraphine, the first one back to the estate, begins going through the possessions of her father. She finds something that troubles her more than she could ever…

the perfect girlfriend by karen hamilton book with a plate full of food set on a table

Book Review: The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

How far is too far to go to win back the love of your life? In “The Perfect Girlfriend” Juliette faces that very question, and her answer: nothing is too far. Juliette is pretty, young, and very dedicated. Any guy would be lucky to have her.

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