23 Ways to Deal with Anger and Anxiety: Take Charge of Your Life

Life overwhelms us. We feel anxious or angry. We try but despite our best efforts things go awry. You may feel like this happens only to you but in life this is normal. Things sometimes don't go as planned.

Muhammad Ali

I am Muhamamd Ali. I love to write poetry. I like reading books and thinking about people and things. Ideas delight me, nature mesmerizes me and people confuse me. I think a lot about about different cultures, peoples, civilizations and nations but then I feel really small and think about myself and this complicated web in which you, me and we all are...I maybe boring you. Or maybe not.

18 Ways to Overcome Boredom While Writing: A Guide to defeat Writer's Block

Boredom is a reality that writers often have to face. It can be a writing gig that is taking too long or perhaps it is that story that you thought about for a long while but now you are at loggerheads with yourself in the middle of it.


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Dear Young Poet: A Poem

On the eve of the Election Day - Nov 2, 2020 - I wrote my first poem and opened this Instagram account. Not only did I admire the work I read but many of these pieces were written by young poets I wanted to uplift and inspire. I’m grateful every single day for all the lessons that brought me to today. I’m not sure I’d be as grateful had the journey been a simple one. Thank you Streetwriters for all you do in our community. We love you!

Alina de Albergaria

I am a California girl who loves the land beneath my feet. I am also a happily married mother of three and permanent resident of life’s gray area, always finding the need to unfurl a new shade.

Journey Towards Peace by Indraneel KD (taken from Dribbble)

A Journey: 8 Years of Writing; From Nothing to Streetwriters

It all starts with a dream waiting to be realized. We have come a long way, dear friend, a long way indeed. Our journey has not been free of hardships, of disappointments, failure or loss. Against all odds we have traveled upon this ocean of dreams creating vessels of…

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